Our Wine

Amherst Wine Selections

  • Blueberry - bold blueberry flavor makes an opening statement.
  • Peach - soft, ripe peach, dripping with juice.
  • Strawberry - bright, summer sweet berries.
  • Raspberry - tangy and tart at first taste, followed by a hint of sweet.
  • Cranberry - refreshingly tart and crisp with a smooth finish.
  • Cherry - rich red bing cherry flavor, brightened with hints of chocolate.
  • Pear - opens with soft pear aroma, followed by hints of creamy vanilla.
  • Sangria - Cinco de Mayo every day of the year, lime and citrus infusion.
  • Apple - crisp fall apple flavor.
  • Weathervane White - our driest white wine, excellent pared with light sauces, seafood.
  • White Hen - semi-dry, balanced acidity.
  • University Blend - rose blush blend of red and white hybrid grapes.
  • Barn Board Red - dry, deep, rich flavors of blackberries and pepper.
  • Red Rooster - soft tannins, rich in texture, finish with a hint of sweetness.
  • Mulled Wine - orange peel, clove, cinnamon. Enjoy warm or chilled.