Our Wine

Amherst Wine Selections

  • Weathervane White—white, crisp, clean. Ideal with seafood, chicken, and light sauces.
  • White Hen—semi-dry, hints of wild grapes. Perfect sipping white with cheese and crackers.
  • Barn Board Red—driest red, smooth with light flavors of blackberries and pepper. Perfect with red meat, rich sauces.
  • Red Rooster—soft tannins, rich in texture, finishes with a hint of sweetness. Award winning, great at room temperature or chilled.
  • University Blend—rosé blush, nice blend of red and white hybrid grapes. Perfect sipping wine on a hot summer day.

  • Pumpkin Frost—light pumpkin notes with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • Massachusetts Maple—brunch wine, perfect with pancakes and bacon. Try with our blueberry wine!
  • Chocolate Raspberry—melts in your mouth like a truffle. Award winning.
  • Chocolate Strawberry—dark chocolate with a sweet strawberry finish.

  • Apple—crisp fall aroma, light body. Perfect with a roasted pork loin with apple chutney.
  • Pear—soft pear aroma followed by hints of creamy vanilla. Wonderful complement to savory salads, mild cheeses, salmon, and fruit/nut-based desserts.
  • Strawberry—hints of berries, great aroma of sweetness. Open a bottle with appetizers, summer fresh salads, salmon, or shellfish.
  • Peach—soft, ripe peach dripping with juice. Enjoy with light dishes and picnics.
  • Cherry—rich red bing cherry flavor brightened with hints of chocolate.
  • Raspberry—tangy, tart at first followed by a hint of sweetness.
  • Cranberry—refreshingly tart and crisp with a smooth finish. Perfect for a Thanksgiving feast.
  • Blueberry—fresh blueberry nose with a light blueberry finish. Perfect balance of sweetness, but still smooth and crisp. Pair with your barbecue or cobbler.
  • Sangria—hints of lime and citrus; add your favorite fresh fruit and sip! Enjoy with spicy cheese and homemade salsas.
  • Mulled Wine—fireplace sipping wine. Vibrant aroma of clove, cinnamon, and orange peels. Serve warm with a cinnamon stick on a chilly day.